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Hey, I'm Mina and I'm 17 years old.
I like fashion, make up, cute things, and the color pink ! So you will most likely find all of those here on my blog~ xoxo

All I can say is that I absolutely hate this feeling.

I thought everything would be fine!!!

He talks sweet to me, and he is always talking about things that he likes about me, he’s known I was trans from the very beginning and he still did.

Now all of a sudden I’m not good enough because he can’t picture us being physical with each other.

This might be one of the biggest reasons why I absolutely HATE being trans…

Surprisingly I haven’t cried about it and I suppose theres still a chance because he’s still thinking about it but still I know that even if we are together he won’t ever really be happy.

First, because theres the whole issue about whats down there

Second, even if I got surgery I still couldn’t have kids

I just really hate my life right now

-Rant over-

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